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Yoga and you?

Many people say that yoga have some life improvements. Actually, yoga can help you to get a healthy lifestyle and balance your body.

A healthy lifestyle is more than slowing down the aging process, so that according to a recent study it seems that these habits have the ability to regenerate cells and rejuvenate the appearance of a person. Yoga is the best workout for mornings when you are lazy and you want to get energized. Discover some yoga exercises that tones muscles and energize you.

People who have a healthy lifestyle and practice relaxation techniques such as yoga have longer telomeres. Telomere size – the ends of chromosomes – is one of the most accurate indicators of the rate of aging. Chromosomes are structures that store the entire genetic material of human cells. Telomeres are the protective structure at the end of each chromosome, and as these are longer, the chances for a longer life increases.

Insomniacs who do yoga get to sleep 20 minutes earlier and sleep more deeply about an hour a night, just two months after they have done some yoga exercises before bedtime. Scientists explain this by the fact that yoga exercises and breathing techniques help you to relax and disconnect from the reality of the day, with all its problems causing insomnia.

Muscle development and increased flexibility can prevent certain types of back pain. Many people suffer from back pain due to a job that requires long hours of sitting in front of the computer, or when driving. This unusual position causes a contraction of the spinal muscles, and over time, lead to pain. Stretching exercises help to increase flexibility of joints. Many yoga postures require your body weight to be supported in some ways, so different muscle groups develop after repeated exercises. The same thing happens when you do the exercises slowly, and muscles working hard.

Many people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful disease that affects the nerves hands. Conventional treatments include joint immobilization or surgery. According to a study published a few years ago, yoga is one of the safest treatments for this condition.

Very few know how to control their own bodies. A control of your body primarily means to know your state of tension or relaxation of the muscles and influence this state according to your will. Secondly, means to control your emotional state, do not let you subjugate nor the most difficult times, keeping the self-control that often leave us in times of tension just when we need more of it. Yoga normalizes blood circulation, providing not only a healthy body but a healthy balanced skin, so a pleasant appearance.

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