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How to GAIN weight effectively

There is always an obsession among skinny and thin people to build their muscles and gain weight. This always has an association with the increase in body fats. This will help a person in looking bulky. A combination of weight training exercises along with a healthy diet can help in achieving the goal of gaining weight.

Given below are some of the tips to gain weight.

  • One should not consume only protein supplements. This will never help in increasing the weight. A proper weight training program must be followed for putting more muscles.
  • More calories need to be consumed for gaining weight.  For increasing the muscles, proteins are needed. Hence more calories should be taken from the protein rich foods for gaining muscles.  Food items that are high in proteins, but low in fats must be chosen. This will help in avoiding excess fats.
  • The examples of complete proteins include proteins from sources like fish, meat, milk, eggs etc. All the necessary amino acids are contained in them and they are very necessary for muscle synthesis.
  • If one wants to gain weight, it will be accompanied with increase in body fats. This fat increase cannot be avoided but it can be minimized by developing muscles and exercising regularly.
  • Exercises play a vital role in gaining muscles. When one exercises, the amino acids are released and body proteins are broken down.  Then these acids are reused for building new muscles later. There is a rapid increase in the process of building muscles after a person exercises. Thus one must consume a protein rich diet after exercise, as it is of great importance.
  • The muscles look grown by supplements like creatine. But this muscle gain is not permanent. When a person stops using these supplementsHealth Fitness Articles, the muscle gain vanishes.
  • The growth of weight and muscles is natural. Hence one must consume natural food items.  A person should exercise regularly.
  • One should not choose simple exercises  such as aerobics.  This will be of no help in muscle and weight gain. Exercises such as weight lifting should be opted for. The muscle size is surely increased by this. One can also do free weight exercises such as dumbbells. This is one of the most effective tips to gain weight.
  • One should at least sleep for 6 to 8 hours per day. Stress acts as a hurdle in the process of weight gain.
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